The Voices of PDX Writers
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    Here are a few to share with you.
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The Voices of PDX Writers

Beyond Jordan

I journey across the Valley of the Moon— a vast terrain more the surface of a distant planet than anything on earth. Memories trickle from the Big Dipper— kisses in the shower, dances in the kitchen. Inside a dream in this desert, you over me, your hand on the small of my back, I feel … Continue reading


Cutter was standing in front of the wagon apron, looking out into the darkness at the pale blue beginnings of dawn. It won’t be long now, he thought. Things are never as long as people think they’re gonna be. Stupid man to go off and leave us anyways.  Must a been taken by a storm … Continue reading


             It was three days before they found out.  Days that were long expanses of empty hours, flowing like glaciers in front of them. They soaped the reins, and adjusted the bits; they curried the horses, and drew water;  they oiled the wheels, then moved the oxen to another patch of grass, then another, then … Continue reading

Thorny Little Thing

Thorny Little Thing I handle the small cactus with concern, it is very fragile. I maneuver the little thorny ball into the shallow hole with a rolled up newspaper. Once I have it into position, my partner covers the hole with dry dirt. After we are done planting it, the instructions say we’re supposed to … Continue reading

Candy Dots

Jennifer hands me something that somewhat crashes my sensory filters. What is this? Something that doesn’t make sense…paper-backed, hard semi-spheres…she said something about them being eaten? Why? Something is not computing. I mean…I can understand it…I get the overall concept and nature of the item…but I have to work at doing so. It takes effort. … Continue reading

A Piece of Jewelry

It’s odd having my attention drawn to something so fundamentally a part of my life…but the way it reflects my personal evolution intrigues me. I’ve been wearing a pendant since 2001 when I became a distributor of the line they’re a part of…the first time I’d ever worn “jewelry”. Well, I guess I wore a … Continue reading

Optimism and Pathology

I am distinctly skewed towards optimism…and in my decades-long span of being on an avowed “spiritual journey,” I was fiercely positive-minded at times. Most of the knee-jerkness has been let go, floating away in a stream of unrelenting reality…but that’s still how I tend to view things…something of a default mode. Perhaps I’m unnecessarily setting … Continue reading

My mother never told me…

My mother never told me… ….much about ”relationships”…as in “being lovers.” Maybe from not having that broad a perspective…a whole life with one man…from 16 till his death. And maybe because farm girls from McAlister didn’t grow up talking about such things with males, including their sons. But then again, little else in life told … Continue reading

Candy Dots

Candy sits on a strip of paper. It looks like something you would find at American Apparel – an 80s retro slap bracelet. This is precisely the kind of thing Mom would never let me eat as a kid. I was weird and wanted spinach, so I didn’t really care about candy restrictions very much. … Continue reading


The burst into her nostrils was rich and acrid and voluptuous and libertine. It turned on something inside of her. She reached out to touch them. Luxurious dark beans bathed in sensual oil, they were the fruit of some distant plant, gathered by unknown mystery people in forests far away and unfathomable.  But she did … Continue reading