A Piece of Jewelry

It’s odd having my attention drawn to something so fundamentally a part of my life…but the way it reflects my personal evolution intrigues me.

I’ve been wearing a pendant since 2001 when I became a distributor of the line they’re a part of…the first time I’d ever worn “jewelry”. Well, I guess I wore a ring for a short while after both high school and college…but not long in either case. And, as far as I can recall, Alice and I had simple wedding bands in my first marriage. Or, did we? I’m not sure. Does it really matter?

But the pendant was for health
…for energy and holistic wellness
…for helping keep me grounded
…and enhancing my personal vital force.

That’s a reason for not caring what it looks like or what anyone else would think.

It’s emits “tachyon energy”…raw primal energy that’s definitely woo woo…but only if I share that with people who make comments. So the easiest path for years was to wear it on a 24-inch silver chain…which caused it to hang far down my chest…heart-center level. That basically kept it out of sight.

A couple of years ago, I noticed that I no longer felt really “off” when I forgot to put it back on…that my energy field seemed to be stable enough on its own to handle its absence. I also stopped taking it off as often after going with a 20-inch chain that held it higher, but still largely invisible.

Last Spring, I began a new relationship and realized that I was getting tired of managing the somewhat large quartz crystal in our lovemaking…stopping to take it off so I didn’t bang my partner as it swung wildly at times.

I switched to 18-inches which lifted it up close to my neck…a chain with a new clasp that was a pain to unlatch…so I seemed to finally be accepting this facet of my life. Not only that, I decided to replace the medium size crystal with a longer, more powerful one since it was no longer a hazard to a lover.

A small story…but one of some daring…daring to actually be who I am
…daring, at least, to be comfortable with my choices.


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