The summer I learned Jesus was Everywhere
from the well intentioned Sunday school teacher
I lay night after night
with my flannel gown
and one piece long johns
and socks
and refused to let my fingers
find my tiny nipples or run down the smooth inside
of my thighs, rub the fuzzy soft hair
growing between.

It embarrassed me that He would see me
so vulnerable,
so full of myself.

That he would see me rock on my pillow
on the palm of my hand
one finger pushed deep inside
two fingers
my silly mouth
growl from my chest when the
orgasm washed me clean
the new ocean smell spilled into the room.

How dare He sit on this bed uninvited,
spy on my girlhood,
steal something pure and right?

One Response to “”
  1. Alida says:

    Love the grouping of "so vulnerable, so full of myself." Opposites but so true and descriptive. Love the all-seeing God all in the narrator's business!

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