The Writing Process

I write daily. Sometimes it’s answering emails,contributing to an online community forum,and sometimes it’s writing in my journal. When I’m on a roll it’s all of the above. It’s like physical exercise: the more you do it,the faster and better you get.

I need to be mindful of my hands,to take frequent breaks so my hands don’t throb from arthritis and carpal tunnel. Yoga releases the tension in my hands,neck and shoulders.

When I’m working on my novel,I may stay focused for 4 or 5 hours; the time zips by as I’m absorbed in my work.

Meanwhile,the laundry and the dishes pile up. Clumps of fluffy black cat hair dot the carpet in the computer room,gifts from Jasmine,who sheds so much I joke about collecting the fur and making a sweater.

Jasmine and her partner in catnip,Oreo,are my writing companions. Sometimes one of them will leap into my lap as I click away on the computer. Other times they curl up on shelves or on the braided carpet,silent witnesses.

To keep moving forward,I need to camraderie and support of writing groups,both on-going and drop-in. I love the sheer joy of writing and then sharing our words on the page.

Write on!


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