Collaborative Sonnet

Note: I’ve indicated the changes in writer with the font changes below.

The crown of fire pulled her on
She grabbed her stick and moved
Her flame tiara was like a dawn
Shouting out that she was proved
That she was valued, honest, pure
And should no longer have to endure
The harshness of the world
She could remain a sweet and innocent girl
And sing and dance and skip and play
And awake sweetly for yet another beautiful day
“So hark, oh crown of fire, heed what I say!
A phoenix I am, not a lump of clay!”
Honest, pure and valient I shall be
With my passion make a tempest of the sea!”

One Response to “Collaborative Sonnet”
  1. Diane says:

    Sonnet, Nov 20:In a shower of a sunny dayA bee alighted upon my armI had to test the warmth of MayAnd see if kind bees live at the farmI bent down close with a whisperAsked the bee of his needHe said he longed for his sisterIt's her he wants to feed.Entangled in the family life of beesSurprised my sunny showerI laughed and tickled his kneesHe stretched with new found power"Brothers, sisters, and love for friendLife is about what we mend."

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