Animal Medicine Card Prompt

Of two minds, Rudie was a conundrum. Sweet Blackbird, mama’s boy, played beneath the starlit sky. Hopped along the grassy banks, perched high in the cherry tree, swinging his legs and sending white blossoms down like snow. He was his mother’s delight.

She made the cave which was most of their home warm and inviting. Rudie was free as a squirrel; played all day into the night, then crawled in between blankets and furs to sleep soundly. Simple boy. Simple Blackbird boy sleeping soundly. Soundly sleeping, this sweet Mama’s boy, tucked snug inside cozy cave, his mother humming.

Dreamtime was not so kindly to Rudie. Inside his mind was bleakness and malice of every kind. Inside, behind closed eyes, below his boy smile, demons sought entry and gained access to his tenderness. Rudie was a Blackbird in his dreams, flying over field, tree top, brook. He’d wave to his mother far below, she’d squint her eyes as though looking at the sun, fear upon her face, and go inside.

Blackbird Rudie boy was terrorized by the deeds he did in his sleep. Dragon claws on his hands sliced tender creatures, his mouth of fire brought destruction when he tried to speak. Locked inside this dragon form, his mother fled, the small animals ducked underground afraid of his willful violence.

One Response to “Animal Medicine Card Prompt”
  1. Alida says:

    The language is so lovely in this piece! Delicious! I love that he's Rudie, not Rudy. I love Sweet Blackbird, Mama's Boy, and the lulling of the repetition of it all. And the images! and and and… thanks for posting this!

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