Prompt – FROG

Frog. Prince. Frog. Prince. Frog. Prince.

When you’re young it’s possible to love someone madly one day — he’s a prince! And to despise him the next — the toad. Ideally your man will become a frog prince. Not because he’s been transformed with a kiss and some careful instruction into what you want him to be or think he should be. But because you have learned to see him in his entirety. As a frog prince —
warts and all.
2 Responses to “Prompt – FROG”
  1. Marion says:

    I loved this! Thank you for posting it. I like the sound of the piece – frog, prince, frog, prince, toad.

  2. Alida says:

    I just love the juxtaposition of this piece, how two opposites exist side by side, one day on, one day off, until finally we see with the narrator that they can and do coexist. Such is the wisdom of experience!

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