Prompt- Most Scary Experiences

Laurel Canyon. Just the place itself -it’s full of history, myth, legends, stories. And right across from the old Houdini mansion, right off Lookout Mountain- was the house. It was owned by an old man-Parker Cole, who let all us Hollywood juvenile delinquents hang out there. We called it Cole’s Hole or just Parker’s. I’d always wanted to live up there. And now, just a year or two after I would have graduated, we had the opportunity to rent it for like- nothing. It was up a winding, dark path. Not really a street and the path was filled with rocks and stones planted by a mean old woman-the only other person who lived on the path. It wound around ’til there was about a thirty foot drop right onto Laurel Canyon Blvd. No fence, no lights, it was perfect. We moved right in- me, my two best friends and my boyfriend. And found that we had roommates. A young boy named Craig and his boyfriend, a very clean cut ex-marine. Very straight looking, kinda scary.

The house was huge, log cabin style, stone fireplaces-all wood. At least 5 bedrooms. Craig’s boyfriend was apparently suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and he had a gun with a bayonet. Craig didn’t seem in the least bit fazed……

One Response to “Prompt- Most Scary Experiences”
  1. This is such a nice use of setting. There is a flavor of the exotic, of a different time and a very different place, full of odd characters. It's fun for those who know Laurel Canyon and Hollywood, very fun for those of us who don't.

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