The Cold Winter has Come

The cold winter has come.
Rose hips red, bejeweled,
dip in the wind, blood on snow.
Firs dark on white
cast snowy mist upon the wind and
icy panes, crystal ticking glass
in the morning light.
Deer step lightly through the frost.
Birds press shoulder to shoulder on the wire.
But you are warm my love,
breath on my ear,
your whisper.
Your heart at my breast,
the hot blood,
my lips at your brow,
enfolded against the winter’s cold.

By Amy Holmes Hehn

5 Responses to “The Cold Winter has Come”
  1. Yes, I love the images. what I love most is the change in the middle of the poem, "but you, my love" pulling the reading in, changing the nature scape to the hear and now, to this relationship.

  2. evocative and sensual…the blood the mist and the breath…lovely.lkb

  3. I love the image "Birds press shoulder to shoulder on the wire." And the reds against the white of winter evoke such a powerful tension between life and hibernation. Beautiful!

  4. KarlaD says:

    very erotic images… the "your heart at my breast" and "my lips at your brow"

  5. The colors are stunning, particularly the reds, bejeweled and rosehips like blood on snow. It is so evocative; I feel like I'm in this ice crystal forest in the middle of a fairy tale.

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